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Unlock a world of adventure and team-building with our exclusive corporate memberships! Whether you’re looking to reward your hardworking employees or foster team cohesion, our annual memberships offer exciting benefits and substantial savings. Choose from three tiers tailored to your company’s needs:

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Gold Tier ($500/year)

35% Savings on any Booking: Experience the ultimate adventure at an unbeatable price with a 35% discount. Recommended for larger organisations and social clubs.

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Silver Tier ($300/year)

25% Savings on any Booking: Dive deeper into the mysteries with a 25% discount on all bookings.
Ideal for mid-sized teams or companies planning regular team-building events.


Bronze Tier ($150/year)

15% Savings on any Booking: Enjoy a 15% discount on all escape room experiences throughout the year. Perfect for small teams or businesses seeking occasional outings.

Membership Benefits

  • Team Building Opportunities – Strengthen bonds, enhance communication, and boost morale through shared adventures.
  • Corporate Competitions – Organize inter-departmental escape room competitions. Teams can compete for bragging rights, and the winning team could receive additional perks or prizes.
  • Employee Social Clubs – A perfect opportunity for employees to participate in discounted social activities as part of your organisational social club.
  • Networking Opportunities – Arrange networking events exclusively for corporate members. They can connect with professionals from other companies while enjoying the escape room experience.

Join our corporate membership program today and embark on thrilling quests with your staff and colleagues!