Ballarat’s only Escape Room Experience.

Escapade is a live-action, interactive escape experience that will test your mental strength and puzzle solving ability in a fun and exhilarating environment. Will you be able to figure out this series of complex puzzles and clues in order to thwart the evil masterminds or will your mind succumb to the power of the puzzle where your souls will be lost forever?

Who do you trust?

Picking your team well will be the key to truly experiencing this intense and immersive game for everything that it has to offer. Your mission will require thinkers, doers, and strategists, puzzle solvers, escape artists, mathematicians and magicians to work together and escape with your lives and minds intact. Okay, maybe not magicians but definitely all of the rest.  Everybody thinks differently, so bring them all. Bring your friends, family, a random tourist you found on the street, it doesn’t matter as long as you all bring a great attitude and a ready mind.

Tick, tock.

Time truly is your enemy in this activity as every second counts. Make sure not to waste it, as you will need every last one of the 60 minutes to solve the mystery. You know how they say time flies when your having fun? Escapade is the proof.

Can you find us?

Located in the heritage listed Ranger Barracks at 3/61 Curtis Street Ballarat Central, Escapade could not be more centrally located if we tried.

What have we gotten ourselves into?

The life of a detective can be hard. The horrible things you witness on this job can really take their toll and there are none as awful as the spate of abductions and murders that have occurred over the last few years. No case has ever eluded you like this one. Finally there has been a breakthrough. A single clue leading you to the office of Dr Skinner. Could this really be him? There isn’t long until another victim is gone forever so you better think quick.

What was that?! This isn’t good. Quick, get inside! Call the authorities, keep yourself safe and see if you can identify who could possibly be attacking us. Stay safe, follow the rules.

Mind-melting fun and exciting adventure awaits you at Escapade Puzzle Games, the new thing to do in Ballarat.