What is happening? One minute you were being briefed, the next you are locked in this dark room. There was a loud noise and shouting but it all happened so fast. What would someone want with the escape room? Sam said that if we follow the rules everything will be fine. Guess we better have a look around. Maybe these cameras can tell us something?

(4 person max)

Stay safe, follow the rules.
Before the panic sets in.

You are detectives investigating a spate of recent abductions and horrible murders. Your investigation has led you to the office of Dr Skinner, a prominent yet controversial psychologist. All of the abductions occurred at an exact time and date and there is only one hour left until the next victim disappears forever. Your task is to search the mysterious Dr Skinner’s office in order to find out who the next victim is before it’s too late.

Pay attention, the clues are everywhere.
Who will it be?

You are special agents in the Top Secret Escapade faction of the FBI. A peculiar missing persons case has drawn your attention due to some unexplained phenomenon. There is strange geomagnetic activity emanating from the residence that could be catastrophic. You need to find an explanation for why this person disappeared and what could be the cause of the disturbances. Are you a sceptic or do you believe? Discretion is expected.

Are you a sceptic or do you believe?
Discretion is expected.

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